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Continuity Poll Results

Given that feedback from fellow Media Students was so helpful during the week, I think it would be best to compile all of their opinions before I mould what will hopefully be the final edit next week. This is why I have decided to end the continuity poll now, so I can prepare for any changes that it may have upon the production.


Even though there were only 7 votes, it must be kept in mind that this poll was aimed at Media students only. There are only 11 A2 Media students who I have close access to, including myself, so this is not actually a bad result.

The results speak for themselves and obviously the second clip was by far the most popular.

Impact upon production

This is probably the first poll result which will have no impact upon my production, as the second clip is exactly how this section of the 2009 scene currently stands. It is comforting to know that I am able to pick up on my own continuity errors and come up with suitable solutions.


First Edit Feedback

Earlier this week, we reviewed one another’s First Edits in order to gain the perspective of other Media students in terms of problems we believed to be having with our own productions and so that they could highlight any problems we happened to be overlooking or denying for any reason.

I personally found it quite a helpful experience, especially given that many problems throughout production have meant that how I imagine my final product will look will be quite different to what I had envisioned when I first came up with the idea. Therefore I will need as much help as possible in order to either salvage my idea or shape what I currently have into something more akin to my idea or something similar and equally as good.

Although we noted down criticisms and ideas for improvements, our analyses and reviews were mostly discussion based. I also found this more helpful than a written improvement or idea. Whilst written ideas are helpful because they can be constantly referred back to, discussion allows you to explain anything which other students seem unsure of, and ideas can be further discussed and built upon, making it a generally more efficient and helpful experience.

Production Issues

The following are some of the issues initially picked up on by other Media students:

  • The first two scenes are constructed entirely of one shot
  • The first two scenes can barely be heard
  • The above allow the audience to lose concentration, making the plot extremely difficult to keep up with
  • The production is too long (over 7 minutes as opposed to the required 5)
  • There is no newly produced music
  • There are no titles

The following are some of the strengths that were picked up on:

  • The sound of the final three scenes is fine
  • There are relatively few editing errors in the final three scenes

There would have been more accolades regarding the plotline and so on, but due to the sound issues, many struggled to keep up with the plotline, which impacted a lot on their feelings towards the production as a whole.


Very little of what I received was unexpected, meaning it was quite simple to come up with solutions to these problems:

  • The issues with the first two scenes do not faze me particularly because they are un-edited. If there are still problems with them once edited, then I shall have to think of some more specific solutions. But for now, I think I can assume that editing should clear up most of the issues. This should also stop the audience concentration issues.
  • Music has been produced and was yet to be placed on the clip
  • Work has gone into titles. For example, a font and design has been decided. Titles are something I intend to look into more when working on my first Ancillary Task, so that they match up and continuity is maintained. At this point, some audience research may be carried out as to the specific design of them
  • The length of the production is something that still concerns me. Even though I have been cutting down on time whilst editing the 2007 and 2008 scenes, I still think the production will be too long, even before the titles have been added. As I have been editing, I have seen examples of clips that could be shorter or cut entirely, and I shall have to hope that this is enough to cut the production down to closer to 5 minutes. If not, then clearly a more solid solution is needed.

Next Steps

My primary concern right now is ensuring that the 2007 and 2008 scenes are up to scratch so that there is no further comment on them and I can focus on other important elements such as the titles, and the often-forgotten (by me at least) Ancillary Tasks. I ope to be able to spend more time over the next two weeks on Ancillary Tasks meaning time really is of the essence when it comes to finishing editing.

Titles and Poster Poll Results

I have decided to collate the results of both polls conducted last week now, so that there is plenty of time to organise how they will impact upon my production. I would like to get as much work which does not concern the actual footage done as possible, so that I have more time for the lengthy process of editing.

Poster Poll

The results of the poster poll

The results show that my audience much prefer Design One to Design Two of my poster ideas. Whilst looking over my designs, I was afraid that due to a lack of colour, Design Two was not clear enough, giving Design One an unfair advantage. Nevertheless, given the huge result that Design One received, it was unlikely that a small change in design would have made much difference. Now that design One has been chosen, my primary concern is making it look as sophisticated as possible, as well as achieving perfect lighting and composition.

Title Poll

The title poll results

There is a slight issue with this poll in that it received only nine votes, as opposed to the ten that the poster poll received. Unfortunately, as this is an anonymous poll, I cannot chase down the one person who did not vote on both polls. However, clearly the results show that even if this one person had voted, the results would stay relatively unchanged. I personally would have chosen the Santa’s Sleigh font, however, clearly my audience do not agree. I have decided that I’ll go with their choice, seeing as I have little reason to not to. Since deciding on this font, I have seen many other positives with it. I especially love the way that it perfectly reflects both the slightly ominous feeling as well as a traditional Christmas feeling.

Poster Poll

Hi there! Thank you for taking part in this poll. It concerns decided upon a design for a film poster for my production. The designs are below, please simply choose which you beleieve to be the more suitable.

Before making your decision, please bear in mind that this film is aimed at females aged 16-25, and focuses upon the themes of friendship, social isolation, female sociability and Christmas.

Design One: A description can be found below if you are unsure what is depicted here:

The main shot of this picture is a mantel or counter, with three photo frames surrounded by Christmas decorations. Photos of the three main characters will occupy the frames. The background will be dark, reflecting darker themes, whilst the foreground would be lit by a single light source.

Design Two:

This design is split up into various panles, each displaying another piece of information. The balnk squares would be occupied by character faces and a picture of the cafe would feature in the background to pull the piece together.

Please make your decision below:

Thank you for taking the poll!

Title Poll

Hello again! Thank you for also taking part in this poll. This time, the focus is upon the titles I will use in my film. Simply look at the options availbale below, and decide in the poll at he bottom once more.

Pleae bear in mind the audience and themes of this film again, which are as follows: Females aged 16-25, friendship, social isolation, female sociability and Christmas. This means please keep sophistication and appropriateness in mind when selecting your choice. Thank you!

Santa’s Sleigh font 

St. Nicholas font

Handwriting Dakota font

Thank you for taking the poll!


Whilst I wait to hear back from the Scandinavia Coffee House, an aspect I have decided to focus upon is my titles. I figure that these are going to be the most important aspect of my intro and, as Maria von Trapp did once sing, the beginning is a very good place to start.


When I initially condsidered my titles, I thought that choosing a Christmas theme would be a blessing, as it meant I would be able to easily narrow my searches and focus on fonts and designs with a ‘Christmassy’ theme. However, the more that I considered it, the more I realised that on the whole, most Christmas film producers do not choose an obviously ‘Christmassy’ themed font for the titles of their films, and that this is in fact a very old choice. Some example are displayed below.

The titles for 'The Holiday' are spectacularly un-Christmassy. They are simple, black and serif, which leads them to be open to representing a variety of themes

Other than the gold and green colouring, the titles for 'Bad Santa' are even more simplistic than 'The Holiday', with it's sans serif design adn slight curved effect being it's only other notable features.

The same applies to 'The Polar Express'. Without the snowy background, these titles are not obviously from a Christmas film. Take away the gold colouirng and they become completely generic.

The general consensus seems to be that Christmas film titles should be neither obviously nor outrageaously ‘Christmassy’. Rather, the title should reflect the wider theems associted with the film. For example, The Holiday‘s titles reflect Christmas and sophistication.

Impact upon Production

This means that wehn it comes to selecting soem fonts to put up for audience opinion, I think I may try to choose some fonts which reflect the wider themes of my film. For example, because my film explores he darker elements of Christmas, perhaps a more serious serif font is in order. On the other hand, I may want to lure my audience into thinking that my film is a typical, happy Christmas film, and may therefore try to choose a softer font. Below are some of the options I am considering.  I have sourced the fonts from, a website offering free downloads of fonts.  

These fonts are sourced from

Santa’s Sleigh font 

This is personally my favourite font, and the one I would choose if I were making this production on my own views alone. The main reason for this is that I feel it has a good combination of the ‘Christmassy’ themes as well as not being too overbearing. It is open to other themes, and whilst it does not directly apply to the themes of female sociability and isolation, it doesn’t oppose these ideas, therefore making it suitable:

The Santa's Sleigh font

St. Nicholas font

This is my second favourite font, for the same reasons as before. It is ‘Christmassy’ enough to be appropriate but is open to other themes. I also like that it’s not too overbearing, unlike other Christmas fonts. My largest criticism is that it is quite old-fashioned, meaning it would be more appropriate for a film featuring traditional Christmas themes, such as A Christmas Carol. Given that my film is supposed to be  modern, I’m not sure that this font would be the best choice. Nevertheless, it is still suitable for the aforementioned reasons.

The St. Nicholas font

Handwriting Dakota font

This font is not particularly ‘Christmassy’, but I think it could be described as seasonal. I was using this font when I was editing my rough footage as replacement for the undecided font, however, I then decided that I actually quite like it and thought it was quite suitable. I think it is open to all my themes and can therefore be applied. This font is also suitable for my target audience

The Handwriting Dakota font

Next Steps

These fonts will have to be put up for audience criticism in order to choose the most suitable option.

Script Poll Results

I thought I would collate the results of the script poll before my filming tomorrow in the event that I would have to make a fifth draft of the script. The results can be found below:


The results of the poll

Given that the results are unanimous on the vote that the script is effective in terms of characterisation, dialogue and tone and relevance, I do not think that another draft of the script is necessary, and I will use this draft for filming tomorrow.

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