Redtree Comes Into Season

Now that the majority of my film has taken the form of a rough cut, I thought I would be best to start working on other aspects of the film which do not involve the footage and require some of my own work. Namely, the titles and their accompanying sound. I thought I would start chronologically with the production card.

Planning the Production Card

When I was first planning this project, I thought I would have around two or three production cards or companies to increase authenticity and plausibility. However, given that my film is already quite long, and I don’t particularly have the time to create elaborate graphics or take a new picture for a new production card, I thought it best to stick to just the one.

Last year, I had created the faux production company, ‘Redtree Pictures’ as the producers of my social realism film. This production card was fairly basic, simply entailing of a picture I had taken of a tree during autumn time (so the leaves were red, hence, Redtree) and some titles which fell and faded into the foreground. It can be seen below in the first 7 seconds of this clip:

Although quite simple and basic, I think it is quite effective and is one of the few media-related clips I have produced which looks simple but not particularly amateur. I considered creating a new production company but realised that I might spend quite a long time trying to think of something new, which I might not even be particularly happy with once it is produced, by which time it may be too late to change. I thought it would be best to stick with Redtree, and merely tweak the parts of the production card I was unhappy with. I also thought that this way, I would be more aware of what the final product would look like, making audience research become less of a priority regarding this aspect of the production.

Rose-tinted Glasses

My main concern with the previous card was that the colour and clarity were not particularly sharp, and it did simply look like a picture taken by a media student for a project. I thought the best way to solve these problems would be to edit the picture in Photoshop. The following are te stages and effects I played around with.

1. The first thing I did was increase the sharpness of the photo by turning up the contrast:

2. I then wanted to bring out the red of the picture, but was unsure how best to do this. Below are some of the effects I played around with and some of the newly edited pictures I considered:

This effect was entitled 'Colour Burn'. I thought it would help bring out the darker themes later reflected in the film

This effect was entitled 'Lighten'. Although too psychedelic for my liking, I thought it contrasted the colours very successfully

This effect was entitled 'Overlay'. I thought it was more successful at contrasting the colours than the previous effect and the red colouring that it highlights is the exact red I was hoping to bring out

This effect was called 'Pin Light'. I particularly liked the shadow effect behind the tree. However, I disliked the red effect in the sky

3. I eventually decided to stick with what the Redtree Pictures production card did best: simplicity. I simply made any red within the picture brighter and bolder, so that hopefully this and the titles would be the most dominating and noticeable aspect of the card.

This was the final design I chose


One of my greatest weaknesses in media production is the sound aspect. As you may have noticed earlier when watching the Redtree card from last year, the music is very basic. Whilst I liked the music I used last year as it suited the mood and atmosphere of the card very well, something had to be done so that it did not seem so amateur, but so that it’s calm and simple status was maintained.

1. Firstly, I added a few notes at various intervals throughout the piece. I had also thought that the piece starts quite suddenly, contradicting its calm nature. I mostly added some notes at the beginning to overcome this issue.

2. The piece is mostly a hook, and in order to make it sound more astute and as it does in my head, I changed the pitch and volume of some of the earlier notes

3. I also felt that the previous piece went on for too long. To overcome this, I simply sped the track up ever so slightly

I edited the piece on GarageBand

Final Product

Below is a clip of the final product, and the card I intend to use on my production:


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