First Edit Feedback

Earlier this week, we reviewed one another’s First Edits in order to gain the perspective of other Media students in terms of problems we believed to be having with our own productions and so that they could highlight any problems we happened to be overlooking or denying for any reason.

I personally found it quite a helpful experience, especially given that many problems throughout production have meant that how I imagine my final product will look will be quite different to what I had envisioned when I first came up with the idea. Therefore I will need as much help as possible in order to either salvage my idea or shape what I currently have into something more akin to my idea or something similar and equally as good.

Although we noted down criticisms and ideas for improvements, our analyses and reviews were mostly discussion based. I also found this more helpful than a written improvement or idea. Whilst written ideas are helpful because they can be constantly referred back to, discussion allows you to explain anything which other students seem unsure of, and ideas can be further discussed and built upon, making it a generally more efficient and helpful experience.

Production Issues

The following are some of the issues initially picked up on by other Media students:

  • The first two scenes are constructed entirely of one shot
  • The first two scenes can barely be heard
  • The above allow the audience to lose concentration, making the plot extremely difficult to keep up with
  • The production is too long (over 7 minutes as opposed to the required 5)
  • There is no newly produced music
  • There are no titles

The following are some of the strengths that were picked up on:

  • The sound of the final three scenes is fine
  • There are relatively few editing errors in the final three scenes

There would have been more accolades regarding the plotline and so on, but due to the sound issues, many struggled to keep up with the plotline, which impacted a lot on their feelings towards the production as a whole.


Very little of what I received was unexpected, meaning it was quite simple to come up with solutions to these problems:

  • The issues with the first two scenes do not faze me particularly because they are un-edited. If there are still problems with them once edited, then I shall have to think of some more specific solutions. But for now, I think I can assume that editing should clear up most of the issues. This should also stop the audience concentration issues.
  • Music has been produced and was yet to be placed on the clip
  • Work has gone into titles. For example, a font and design has been decided. Titles are something I intend to look into more when working on my first Ancillary Task, so that they match up and continuity is maintained. At this point, some audience research may be carried out as to the specific design of them
  • The length of the production is something that still concerns me. Even though I have been cutting down on time whilst editing the 2007 and 2008 scenes, I still think the production will be too long, even before the titles have been added. As I have been editing, I have seen examples of clips that could be shorter or cut entirely, and I shall have to hope that this is enough to cut the production down to closer to 5 minutes. If not, then clearly a more solid solution is needed.

Next Steps

My primary concern right now is ensuring that the 2007 and 2008 scenes are up to scratch so that there is no further comment on them and I can focus on other important elements such as the titles, and the often-forgotten (by me at least) Ancillary Tasks. I ope to be able to spend more time over the next two weeks on Ancillary Tasks meaning time really is of the essence when it comes to finishing editing.


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