Filming – Day 5

Today was the fifth (and hopefully final!) day of filming for my production. Rather than go into the intricacies as to what happened and when, I think it would be quicker simply to do a running evaluation of the filming, as the actual filming process was extremely similar to the ones before it, in that we arrived at the cafe for 4pm and filmed until the cafe closed at 5.

Filming the 2007 scene

For the sake of simplicity and chronology, I thought it would be best to film the 2007 scene first then the 2008. They are relatively similar in terms of the number of shots to be filmed, so I didn’t think this should have been a dominating factor. Before we actually filmed the 2007 scene, I briefly shot the Christmas card shot for 2009, whist my actresses prepared themselves.

Successes during filming

  • We placed ourselves at a table we were yet to film at, increasing the plausibility of the scene. Furthermore, there was simply a plain wall behind the table, so it was not obvious that we were filming in the same area as before.
  • All scenes were shot successfully. I ensured this time that all shots were taken, by supervising the camera at all times, and checking each shot after it was captured
  • There were no customers in our immediate surrounding area, meaning background noise disturbance should not have been a particular issue.

Weaknesses during filming

  • I had forgotten to bring the microphone for the camera, meaning that background noise was more of a problem than when filming the other scenes. Even though our area of the cafe was empty, the rest of it was very much occupied, resulting in slightly more background noise than expected, which hopefully should not be too obvious on the footage.
  • The problem of the scripts is quite obvious in this scene. During the filming, it didn’t seem like such an issue, and I was pretty sure that the camera did not capture the scripts, but whilst looking back over the footage, it seems like more of a problem. I am hoping this just
    looks bad on the small screen of the camera, and that when uploaded, the footage will not seem so bad.
  • Because the cafe had told me that they had decorated, I brought few decorations of my own. Unfortunately on this wall behind the table, there were no decorations, meaning the message of Christmas will not be particularly prominent in what will also be the first scene of my production.


There was little decoration at our filming location for the 2007 scene. Although this increased plausibility, it did nothing for upholding the Christmas theme of the film.


It is not particularly comforting that the strengths and weaknesses of filming are quite balanced, I would rather that there were far more strengths, but unfortunately this was the best filming I could do at the time.


Filming the 2008 scene

I personally consider the filming of the 2008 scene to be more successful than that of the 2007. This was because the cafe was a lot quieter by the time it came to filming this scene, meaning background noise was low, and we were in a location which was better decorated.

Strengths during filming

  • There was notably less background noise, which was a lot more comforting given that we obviously still did not have the microphone
  • All scenes were shot successfully again. I personally believe that the quality of acting was better this time round as well.
  • The script issue was not as noticeable as in the 2007 scene, again, this is partly why the acting seemed to be better in this scene
  • Even though we chose a table we had already filmed at for filming, it had better decorations as well as a window view rather than the plain wall of the 2007 filming.

The reaction shot to Ellen's revelation. I personally believe that the acting was of a better standard during this scene.


Weaknesses during filming

  • Due to the lack of microphone, it is likely that the background noise will still be more noticeable than the 2009, 2010 and 2011 scenes.
  • We chose a table we had already filmed at for filming, decreasing the plausibility of the scene.

I find it slightly more comforting that the obvious strengths outweigh the obvious weaknesses twice over for this scene. Even when watching back these shots on the camera they seem markedly better than the 2007 scene, so I am definitely happy with them.

Next Steps

Tomorrow is the deadline for the First Edit, and as much as I would like to, I don’t think I will be able to get these shots into a sensible order before submitting to the deadline. However, I should definitely get the chance first thing next week to really sink my teeth into these shots and consider how to overcome any problems (especially with sound) that may occur.


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