Today I decided to edit the footage I was able to capture on Thursday. Seeing as it has been relatively successful, I thought I would undertake the same process as I did before:

  • Roughly order the footage in order to check how the conversation reads and collect an idea of timing
  • Check the quality of the footage, both visually and audially
  • Cut down the length of the shots and check again that the conversation still reads well
  • Add sound effects so that background sound is not distracting and the dialogue sounds like one stream of uninterrupted sound
  • Check continuity and change shots/sound effects / shot lengths as such in order to upkeep continuity

2010 is the most complex scene in terms of number of shots after 2009, another reason why i decided to tackle it in roughly the same way.

Ordering the footage

It was whilst I was checking that all shots and angles had been cpatured that I noticed the first problem withe 2010 footage. For some reason, I could not find a shot of Miranda where she syas her largest line in this scene. This should have been in both the over-the-shoulder shot of her and Louise as well as the wide shot of the table, so that I could choose which clip to take it from as such. However, I was only able to find it in the over-the shoulder shot of Ellen. I will have to work with this clip until I can come up with a solution. As it stands, the best solution I can think of is to film a close-up of Lydia on Thursday, so that the line can be included in the scene, and I will not have the replicate the scene. In an odd way, this makes me glad that I was unable to film on Friday, and have organised a much later re-film.

Other than this, all shots were captured successfully, and when roughly ordered, the scene came to around 1:32

Quality of footage

I was concerned that due to the disorganisatiuon and hurriedness with which I had carried out the filming, the footage would be relfective of this and be of quite low quality. However, there are many positives and few negatives to the visual and audio quality of the footage:


  • Similarly to the 2009 and 2011 scenes, sound quality is relatively fine due to the use of a microphone during recording and relatively little background noise disturbance
  • Enough shots were collected in order to construct the scene.
  • There was nothing which made a clip completely unusable, such as a camera shake or similar accident
  • The actual setting is improved also. The fact that I’ve moved to a different table within the cafe makes the scene seem more plausible
  • The lighting of these shots is also markedly different to that of 2009 and 2011, increasing plausibility


  • The missing shot of Miranda
  • The scripts on the table are particularly noticeable in this scene, despite my attempts to cover them with menus
  • I am unsure of the quality of the hugging segment. During filming, we dubbed it ‘the awkward hug’, a nickname which still rings true in the footage itself.

I think the majority of shots in the 2010 scene are quite successful. For example, in this shot, the Christmas tree decoration and tinsel in the bottom of the screen and the tinsel to the left ensure the theme of Christmas is in the mind of the audience. Furthermore, the waitor is given anonymous stauts and Ellen is centre-screen, meaning no focus is taken from the characters, but plausibility is maintained, if not, improved.

The difference in lighting is quite obvious compared to...

... the 2009/2011 scene

Adding Sound effects

Given the confusion during filming regarding the sound quality of each shot, I was worried that there would be quite a few problems with sound when it came to editing. Whilst many of the over-the-shoulder shots are fine, as they were filmed later once most customers had left, the wide shot of the table is still quite a concern, as background noise is clearer due to there being more customers at this time. Luckily, I don’t think it has been as interruptive as it could have been, thanks to the use of the microphone. Also, the scene is mostly constructed from the over-the-shoulder shots. If the background noise is particularly noticeable at a point on the clip which should be included in my production, I have been trying to replace it with an over-the-shoulder shot and assessing as such if it is effective.

As far as trying to make the sound seem like one stream is concerned, I have taken a similar approach to the last two scenes. I have been adding a cross fade effect across the sound clips so that any noticeable background noise cannot be distinguished as separate sound clips. Obviously, I have had to make careful use of these when it comes to editing the wide shot clips into the production, as otherwise it will appear quite amateur if the background noise is obviously increasing every time a wide shot is shown. Another effect I have had to work with is increasing and decreasing the volume of certain clips, so that the background noise of the wide shots sound even less suspicious. However, this proved quite a difficult task, as ultimately the most important aspect of sound was the dialogue, which could not bee too loud or quiet for the sake of continuity

Playing around with the volume of a clip becomes a continuity danger-zone


During the editing process, I have been trying to not make any conclusive comments regarding continuity. Over this course, I have learnt that a continuity problem can crop up at any point, and the majority of time it may not even be something you recognise, as you may be subconsciously ignoring it as you have the benefit of knowing every aspect of the production process and you make exceptions. However, this does not mean that I have been ignoring continuity completely today. A continuity hot-spot I have noticed, where many errors may occur is with the now-infamous ‘awkward hug’. Seeing as it was filmed first, it was most subject to disorganisation, which is reflected in the footage itself. For example, below is a haphazard continuity example:

This shot ends whilst Ellen and Miranda are embracing (also slightly off-screen; another frustration)

Yet in the next shot the pair are clearly not embracing, hence, no coming out of the embrace has been shown.


Next Steps

Just like with my other scenes, I intend to return to 2010 with a fresh mind so that I can be enthusiastic to edit and therefore much more able to pick up on mistakes or think of ways to overcome some of the problems with the scene so far. This also gives me time to consider how to ake the continuity as water-tight as possible for this scene. However, I must remember that the deadline for the final product is fast approaching, so I cannot take too long in returning to the scenes.


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