Continuity Poll

The main aspect of the 2009 scene that I am unsure of is the continuity of the section when Louise enters the cafe. The two clips involved in this are very stark, and in order for it to not look to amateur, continuity must be as watertight as possible.

I have decided to put the decision of how to arrange it into the hands of other media students. I have created a short video containing two options as to how the clips should be ordered and edited, and below I have put it into a poll so that other media students, who are also wary of continuity techniques and how best to upkeep continuity can vote on what theyt hink is best. Of course, suggestions are welcome.

This video displays two options as to how Louise could enter the cafe. Please decided which is beter in terms of continuity and answer as such in the poll below:

Thank you for taking the poll!


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