I decided to edit the remaining footage from my first day of filming. Even though I have the footage for 2010 and it would make sense to edit scenes chronologically, I have already seen and am familiar with the footage for 2011. Furthermore, 2011 consists of few shots so should be quite quick to edit, perhaps giving me a chance to revisit the 2009 scene so that it is complete and I can move on to 2010 with a relatively satisfied mind.

Editing the 2011 scene

I always knew that the editing for the 2011 scene was going to be crucial. The lack of shots is going to be made up for with editing. The scene is designed to be largely constructed of over-the-shoulder shots, which would decrease in shot length. This should hopefully build up the tension of the scene and generally intensify the argument of the scene. This should also distract from ay parts of the argument that the audience find implausible or cheesy. During filming, I still found my script to be quite cheesy despite an approval from my audience and many re-drafts.

I took the same process as editing the 2009 scene. I started by taking rough cuts of each of the clips and putting them in order so that I could establish a general vibe of how the scene ran. Due to the simplicity of this scene, I was able to get a better idea of how the finished product would look. At this point, the scene lasted for 1:30 minutes.

I then cut down the scene so that the overall length would resemble something closer to the final product. I also cut it down so that the conversation flowed better and I could establish how pace and tone would seem throughout the scene. After this, the scene was 1:21 minutes long.

Similarly to my process of editing the previous scene, I then looked and the quality of the footage. It turned out that there was actually very little I could do if there was a shot of low quality, as we were able to shoot the whole scene in relatively few takes. This is sort of a blessing and curse. It is a blessing because I can use the same conversation instead of constructing one from many different clips, which does sound better. It is a curse because if it happens that an actress said a line in the wrong tone, or there was something distracting in the background, it could not be replaced with a clip that was better. It is unlikely that I could have done this anyway, as  I wanted to build up a structure of switching from one over the shoulder shot to the next without interruption.

The 2011 scene is constructed of only four shots


I then considered the sound. This was markedly easier than in the 2009 scene, as all shots were shot in the same area of the cafe with no surrounding customers, meaning there was no distracting background sound. For good measure, I placed occasional fading effect between each clip just so that the sound ran as smoothly as possible. The sound of the 2011 scene is something which I am particularly proud of so far.

I was relatively methodical in my use of sound transitions in the 2011 scene. This was because most of the sound was similar, and fading effects were only necessary to make them indistinguishable from one another

I then considered the continuity. Some of the problems I mentioned in the 2009 scene are even more prominent in this scene. Whilst Lydia stays relatively still during her performance of Miranda, Christy often kept changing which actress/character she was looking at, and Hayley had a tendency to switch between slouching and sitting up straight. She also alternated between playing with her hair and crossing her arms. Whilst I am glad that these little actions are present in the footage, as it would be highly unrealistic for three people to be sit exactly still during a conversation, it does make continuity difficult to sustain. In order to fix these continuity issues, I have had to break the shot structure I had planned. I had to play around with various combinations of shots in order to cover the continuity issues, and I am still not convinced that I have managed to cover them all over smoothly. I initially realised that I had to insert a small clip of Ellen between Louise’s lines ‘…I have some news’ and ‘I’ve found someone…’ as Christy had to read these lines twice and the clips did not match up. I initially inserted a brief clip of Ellen looking questioningly at Louise. I then realised that Christy is facing different ways in the clips, and yet another continuity issue is born. As yet, these continuity issues are unresolved. I am trying to cut the clips in a special way, so that the person who is speaking is not always centre screen. However, this then creates an issue with sound continuity, as I am considering placing the sound from one clip over another which is a risky move as the sound may not always match up.

Asan example of the continuity issues I was discussing; in this shot, Louise has just mentioned that she has some news, and is facing Miranda...


... yet when we cut to Ellen, she is instead facing Ellen

This is where I left the 2011 scene, and other than these discussed problems, I am relatively happy with it.

Strengths of the scene:

  • Given the fewer number of shots to play with, this scene should be a lot easier to edit than the 2009 scene
  • It should still be possible to build tension in the scene the way I had intended
  • Once again, all shots are fine in clarity in terms of sound, lighting, mise-en-scene and acting

Weaknesses of the scene:

  • The continuity may prove to be a problem
  • The scene is quite long considering I had intended for it to be quite short

Once again, all shots are fine in clarity in terms of sound, lighting, mise-en-scene and acting


Next Steps

Rather than continuing with the 2011 scene, I think it would be better to re-visit the 2009 scene. This allows me to return to 2011 later with a fresh mind. Now, I can return to the 2009 scene with a fresh mind.



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