And the Filming Goes On…

Today was planned to be the final day of filming, however, unfortunately, Hayley and Christy are previously engaged with rehearsals, so are unable to film today. As a further kick in the teeth, there is no date between now and the deadline for the First Edit when we can film other than the day before the deadline, 24th November.

However, there are some positives to the situation. For example, at least there is one convenient day upon which we can film. Also, this gives me more time to plan and organise the final day of filming to ensure that all runs smoothly, and there is not another situation like yesterday. Furthermore, when I contacted the cafe about filming once more, not only did they confirm that the 24th was an aceptable day to film, but they also mentioned that they themselves have decorated the cafe for the season, meaning I should not have to bruing my own decorations, making transportation and setting up time a lot shorter.

Risk Assessment

Given these changes, I thoguht it would be sensible to re-assess my Risk Assessment. It can be found below:

Third Production Schedule and Risk Assessment


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