Filming – Day 4

Today was the fourth day of filming and the second day of the re-film in the new location. I had planned to film two more scenes today, the 2010 scene and the 2007 scene, however, unfortunately I was only able to film the 2010 scene.

Overview: Filming the 2010 scene

Whilst the filming of the 2010 scene was successful, it was more halted than the filming of the previous two scene for a number of reasons:

  • I had not been as organised for this filming session as the previous. I was unable to make it to the cafe for the exact time of 4pm and I had lost contact with Hayley for most of the day and was unsure if she was going to be there until the last minute.
  • Consequently, I was slightly flustered when we began filming and was unable to direct the filming as smoothly as I had liked. This meant we started shots later than I had planned and it also took longer to film said shots.
  • For the cafe’s convenience, we and the remaining customers were placed in one area of the cafe, so that the rest of the cafe could be cleaned. This meant there was noise disturbance from the tables that surrounded us, and it was also difficult to place the camera away from the table without it disturbing other customers. This meant we had to wait until the majority of customers had left until we could get some footage that was usable.
  • Because of the delays, we were only able to film the 2010 scene. I have decided that we will have to film two scenes tomorrow instead of one. This should be possible, as we have exactly the same amount of time as did on Tuesday, when we were able to film two scenes. Furthermore, the reaming scenes, 2007 and 2008, are relatively short.

Step by Step: Filming the 2010 scene

During the last filming session, I had planned to change tables between the scenes, to distinguish as much difference between them as possible. Unfortunately I had forgotten to do this, so I had to make sure that during this filming session, we were filming on a different table. Under the cafe’s instruction, we were placed on table not far from the one we filmed the 2009 and 2011 scenes at. Seeing as it was roughly the same size and the same distance from the walls and windows, it took very little modification to seat everyone in a way which looked plausible and also angled correctly for the camera.

The table we were placed at, a few tables down from the previous.

We decorated the cafe together, whilst I placed tinsel in the background, my actresses took it upon themselves to decorate the table. They placed a small piece of tinsel in a sugarbowl instead of placing on of my own ornaments on it. This worked quite well, as it allows me to save my own ornaments for other scenes and saves repetition. I think we were successful once more at making the decoration plausible.

I decided to film the hug between Miranda and Ellen first, as all the other shots of this scene involve the characters sat down, and I thought it would be best top leave the easier shots for last. Lydia and Hayley objected towards the hug, as they thought it seemed quite unnatural. Although I could see their point,  I decided to keep it in, as I thought that with the right acting, the awkwardness of the hug could be removed. Furthermore, it is only a few seconds long, and adds a few more shot types to my production, making it more technical.

The rest of the shots were relatively easy to shoot. It was simply filming the rest of the script for that scene from three different angles. However, the background noise of other customers proved to be the biggest problem when it came to filming this scene. I decided to re-film some of the shots where noise disturbance was a real problem. to save memory on the SD card (something I was conscious of after the first day of filming), I deleted the scenes with a lot of noise disturbance. I have a concern here that I may possibly have deleted soem important footage. Whilst I am sure I haven’t, it is difficult to be sure, as reviewing the collected shots is awkward on the small screen on the camcorder itself.

Next Steps

All that remains is the filming of the 2007 and 2008 scenes, which should hopefully be completed tomorrow. Also tomorrow, I will have to shoot the close-up of Lydia and the 2009 Christmas card shot. However, after these scenes are shot, then all necessary filming should be completed. Given that there has been a change of plan in terms of what will be filmed when, I may have to re-assess the Risk Assessment.


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