Filming – Day 3

Today was the first of my scheduled days to conduct my re-films. Whilst I will go on later to explain why, I mot definitely think that this time, filming was far more successful. We filmed from 4 until 5.20pm and managed to get the two planned scenes shot with hardly any problems.

Step by Step: Filming the first scene – 2009

We were able to arrive at the cafe on-time, in-keeping with my production schedule. Location within the location itself would probably be my biggest problem. The cafe is quite small and has few tables which would amply seat three people. Luckily the cafe was not busy, meaning we had a relatively free choice of the table we would film at. We eventually settled for a table in the corner of the cafe. Not only was it out of the way of other customers and capable of seating three people, but it was also by a window which looked out directly onto the street. I thought this was would make a nice touch, and emphasise the idea of darker evenings, which are obviously present in December.

This is wider shot of the table we chose to film at, complete with actresses

It was lucky that I had decided to film the 2009 scene on this day first, as Christy could not make it to the cafe for four o’clock, and her character is not present at the beginning of the 2009 scene. Instead, she arrived at quarter past four. This gave us time to set up the location. For example, clear bags and unwanted items out of shot, have a quick run-through of the script, and mst importantly set up the decorations.

Decorating the cafe was an awkward task, as I had to make a balance between making it obvious that the film is set at Christmas, and making the location look realistic. For instance, it is unlikely that the owners a standard cafe would cover their premises in endless amounts of tinsel and glitter. Therefore I settled for placing a piece of tinsel at the window and one Christmas decoration on the table. I later did the same for the 2011 scene. This is where filming by the window came in handy, as the lack of natural lighting in the street really helped to emphasise the wintry theme.

I first shot all the parts of 2009 for which Christy was not needed. This involves the first few lines of the scene, where things have become quite awkward between Miranda and Ellen, due to their drifting apart. I had also intended to shoot the Christmas card shot for the scene but I forgot at the time. To overcome this, I may shoot this shot without the actresses, and place the card next to an item which would easily be found in cafes, just to ensure that continuity is saved and the themes are not interrupted.

When Christy arrived, we were able to shoot all shots necessary with the only drawback being that we spent a little too long on shooting the scene. Luckily I had planned on this by ensuring that were were filming 2011 next, one of the easiest scenes to shoot.

Filming the second scene – 2011

2011 was relatively as successful as 2009. Seeing as we did not spend as much time on it as 2011 and it has a lot less shot overall it is difficult to draw upon any huge problems which arose.

My most pressing concern when it came to shooting the 2011 scene was that it looked as different to the 2009 as possible. Luckily I was able to make quite a distinction between them thanks to the following factors:

  • Outside factors helped. For example, the street is much darker in this scene than the last.
  • We changed decoration and costumes ourselves for effect.
  • There is also slightly different lighting within the cafe itself in the second scene – it is slightly darker.

2011 consists of only three shot types. The scene will be mostly constructed of over-the-shoulder shots which when edited should help to build tension in the lead-up to the final argument. This means that filming was relatively easy and did not take long. This does propose the concern that perhaps the scene will be too simplistic and boring. Should this be the case, I may have edit the scene in a slightly different way than planned to shake things up.

The wide shot I use for the final scene. This is only present at the beginning of the scene


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