Film Poster – The main shot

After collating all the poll results, I thought it would be best to make as quick a start as possible on the demands of my audience, especially as I have let my attention draft from the ancillary task somewhat. My audience decided that the poster design they liked the most was Design One, the design with the photo frames and Christmas decorations.

Below are some of the shots I was able to take. I’m very pleased with these shots. The main aspect of this shot would be the lighting, and as I was unsure what lighting effects I would be able to create with software like Photoshop, so I took the photo in a couple different lighting types. Whilst I have every faith in the software, I didn’t want to have to rely too heavily on effects.

Whilst a took a lot of shots, the following six show the progression and changes I made whilst shooting and also show the best shots:

The original shot

This shot shows the original layout of my picture frames and decorations without any lighting effects. I think this makes a convincing Christmas display that you would find in one of the girl’s houses. Furthermore, the composition is fairly accurate, seeing as each girl takes up an equal amount of space on the poster. Unfortunately, I accidentally bought the third frame the wrong size, so Christy’s frame is slightly larger. However, this isn’t massively noticeable, and should worse to come to worse, it could be argued that due to her great prominence within the film, it is only right that she should get a larger frame.

Before the swap over...

This was one of the first shots I took with a lighting effect. After a few shots I immediately picked up on some problems. Firstly, the edges of the shot aren’t nearly shadowy enough for the darker themes of the film to come through. Secondly, having the candle in the foreground dominated the shot far too much, and would only become more dominating with lower lighting.

...and after

I swapped the candle and the miniature Christmas tree for this shot. I think this is a great improvement. The candle is more subtle and now that the Christmas tree is in the foreground, the overall ‘Christmassy’ feel of the shot is  emphasised. However, this shot is still not dark enough.

A closer shot

Another concern I had with the previous shot was the overall composition. I had to be aware that I needed a lot of space at the bottom for the main title, billing block and so on. This si why i made this shot a little tighter, so that the girl’s faces are clearer and there is more room at the bottom of the shot.

This shot was too dark

It took me a long time to get the light perfect. I had to play around with all the various light sources available to me, and I took shots whilst opening and closing curtains, turning lights on and off and moving lamps around. Above is an example of one of the more disastrous lighting shots, when I was attempting minimal lighting. Obviously this shot is too dark to use.

The final shot that I may use on my poster

After balancing the lighting just right, I was able to get a few shots similar to the one above. I think, if down to me, I would choose these shots above the others, for many reasons. Firstly, the lighting is just right. There is just enough shadow around the edge to emphasise the darker themes, yet the mellow yellows and oranges bring out the Christmas theme. These shadows are also cut hard across the shot in the form of the crevices in the bureau that the frames are stood on. Secondly, the composition is just right as well. Each character takes up an equal amount of space and there is plenty of room for the title and billing block. My greatest criticism of this shot is that the characters faces are a little unclear. However, there are similar shots with slightly clearer faces at the expense if unbalanced composition or lighting. I will simply have to decide which is more important to my poster.

Next Steps

I am unsure whether to put these shots up for audience opinion. The shots I intend to choose from are much of a muchness, and the only differences between them are significant to myself. This si why i am likely to choose the correct shot based on a balance of lighting, composition and clarity.


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