Editing the Rough Footage

Over the past couple of days, I have been looking over the footage I managed to capture on my first two days of filming, simply to see if any of it is salvageable, so that I can reorganise my new production schedule should there be any scenes that I do not have to re-film. I edited them into a rough cut just so that I could get a broad scope on all the footage, and maybe try to see where I went wrong last time I filmed so that I can try to avoid making the same mistakes next week when I film. The following is analysis of each of the scenes so far, including their good points, their bad points and wether the scene can be saved or not.

The primary software I used was FinalCut Express

Year 2007

This was the first scene I shot on the second day of filming. This means that at the time of filming, this is probably when I was least distressed with the possibility of failing this entire project, meaning that this is probably the most successful filming of the day. After looking over the footage, there are several positives and negatives.


  • All the necessary shots were taken and were fairly usable
  • Lighting is not an issue
  • The acting is fine
  • The location is plausible


  • The background music of the cafe can be clearly heard. On an even worse note, the music is extraordinarily upbeat, contradicting the tone of the film. This music is hugely distracting from the dialogue
  • It has a general makeshift feel to it. It looks very obviously that I’ve popped to  cafe after school and roughly filmed. Whilst this is what I will be doing, I don’t want this to be evident in the footage I use.
  • There is a continuity issue with the Christmas card shot at the beginning of the film. I had to film them all together at the end of the filming session, so obviously they don’t match up.
  • The camera is also at a slight angle

This is the wide shot used throughout this scene. Other than the slight angling issue, I think the general composition and atmosphere is plausible considering the filming was very makeshift at this point.

Year 2008
This was the second scene I filmed on the second day. This is where it begins to become obvious that all scenes were filmed on the same day. Furthermore, I was beginning to realise that it was unlikely that I would be able to film all scenes on this day without it looking tacky. Many of the reasons why the footage began to go downhill can be found below.


  • All necessary shots were taken once more and are fairly usable
  • The acting is fine once more
  • The overall location (cafe is plausible)


  • It is unlikely that the girls would be sitting in exactly the same place with the same outside factors a year later
  • Lighting begins to become an issue as it is filmed later than the previous scene
  • The background music of the cafe can be heard again. Even more frustrating is the fact that this music is even more upbeat and the tone of the scene is supposed to be even more serious. Once again, the music is extremely distracting
  • The continuity issue with the Christmas card is present in this scene also, for the same reasons
  • The costumes that the girls are wearing are only slightly different from the previous scene
  • The makeshift feeling to the footage is present again, even more so for the reasons above

This is the shot I like the most from the 2008 scene. It perfectly captures Ellen's emotions as well as giving the audience a good impression of her surroundings and the atmosphere

Year 2009

This was the first scene I shot n the first day of filming. The rest of the footage should have been relatively similar to this – it acts a blueprint for all the other scenes. However, shortly after shooting this, the SD card failed. This is the scene I am most proud of, and I think that generally the strengths outweigh the weaknesses:


  • The location and general feel of the footage is very plausible. It is likely that the girls would meet here.
  • All the shots were filmed and are definitely usable. They are all very successful and exactly as I had imagined
  • Once again, the acting is fine
  • The clarity of the footage is fine
  • The Christmas card shot matches up with the rest of the scene – no continuity issues.


  • The biggest problem is that the microphone can be seen at the edge of a few shots, making them useless
  • The background music of the cafe can be faintly heard, but it is by no means distracting

This is how I had envisioned the Christmas card shots when I was devising them. There should be an equal focus on both the foreground and the background.

Year 2010

Year 2010 is the same as 2009 in terms of location and impression. Although it could be said that this has the same problem as the other footage – that it looks like all footage was shot at once and therefore looks quite amateur. However, I think the fact that this situation and location is more plausible makes up for this and removes the makeshift feel of the footage.


  • It coincides with the 2009 scene
  • Location and atmosphere are plausible
  • Shots that were taken are usable
  • The acting is fine
  • The clarity of the footage in terms of lighting is fine
  • The Christmas card shot is correct so there are no continuity issues


  • Not all shots were taken due to the SD card issue
  • The microphone can be seen in some of the shots
  • The background music can be faintly heard again

Year 2011

Year 2011 was the final scene I shot on the second day of filming. This therefore means we had the shortest amount of time to film it and stress levels were probably maximum, resulting in shoddy footage. 


  • All necessary shots were taken once more and are fairly usable
  • The acting is fine once more
  • The overall location (cafe is plausible)
  • Because this scene was shot last, the Christmas card shot does match up and continuity is restored.


  • Lighting has become an even worse problem by this time
  • The same applies to the background music, which can still be clearly heard and is very distracting

Although technically the strengths of this scene outweigh the weaknesses, I still firmly believe that the footage is of poor quality and I would generally feel a lot more comfortable if I could re-film.

Rough Cut

Below is a rough cut (and I use the term loosely) of the footage I amanged to achieve on the second day of ilming. I thought rather than simply write about the quality of it, I would compile my footage so that I could compare and contrast and make a true judgement.



Next Steps

This footage only confirms my desire to conduct a re-film of the footage. Obviously the details of this re-film have been previously posted.


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