Poster Poll

Hi there! Thank you for taking part in this poll. It concerns decided upon a design for a film poster for my production. The designs are below, please simply choose which you beleieve to be the more suitable.

Before making your decision, please bear in mind that this film is aimed at females aged 16-25, and focuses upon the themes of friendship, social isolation, female sociability and Christmas.

Design One: A description can be found below if you are unsure what is depicted here:

The main shot of this picture is a mantel or counter, with three photo frames surrounded by Christmas decorations. Photos of the three main characters will occupy the frames. The background will be dark, reflecting darker themes, whilst the foreground would be lit by a single light source.

Design Two:

This design is split up into various panles, each displaying another piece of information. The balnk squares would be occupied by character faces and a picture of the cafe would feature in the background to pull the piece together.

Please make your decision below:

Thank you for taking the poll!


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