A Change of Location

One of my biggest concerns with the idea of a re-film is my location. I feel lie I have already been of a great burden to the cafe I am filming in, and do not want to push my luck. This is is why I intend to research into other locations I can use. If worse comes to worse, and I am not allowed to film in any of these locations, I will return to the Lounge with my tail between my legs and beg them to let me film again. Below is the prime location I am now considering:

Scandinavia Coffee House

Scandinavia Coffee House


  • A plausible setting – it is likely my characters would meet here
  • Will already have all necessary features of a cafe
  • Providing the correct table could be found, thw windows provide a view of the local abbey, which is decorated around Christmas time. This, combined with the fact that I may have to film in the evening will create a very ‘Christmassy’ feel

    The View from the coffee house


  • I may not be allowed to film there, or if I am, may notbe able to over a period of time.
  • Given that I may be filming in the evening, there may not be sufficient lighting

Next Steps

Whilst I would like to be able to come up with new plans, a production schedule and risk assessment, obviously I cannot make any more moves regarding the re-film until this cafe has given me the go-ahead. This means that for the time being, I will have to focus on other aspects of the course, such as the ancillary task, my film’s titles, sound and any last minute changes to pre-production aspects such as the script. I also intend to play around with my current footage to see if any of it is salvagable so that as little re-filming as possible can be done.


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