My first day of filming was originally very successful. I had managed to stick to the schedule, and both I and my actors were ready to film at The Lounge at 8:30. We decided upon our own little production schedule for shooting each scene in order to enhance efficiency and make sure the filming ran quickly yet professionally. We decided that:

  • Whilst I decorated our corner of the cafe appropriately, my actors would change into their costumes
  • We would then run through each scene entirely to ensure that the tone and mood of each line was suitable
  • We would then shoot all necessary shots in relatively chronological order
  • We would then repeat this process

Furthermore, I had created a list of the shots required for each scene, and decided that we would film the shot-heavy scenes first (2009 and 2010) and save the rest until last, so that technically the process should become easier as we went along, especially if we began to run short of time. A PDF of list list can be found below:

We had successfully filmed 2009 before problems began to arise. I personally believe that this scene went really well, and had the rest of production continued in this manner, I would not be writing about filming problems in a few minutes time. Some shots from the 2009 scene can be found below, and as soon as possible, I intend to upload a video of some of the best parts.

The wide shot of the table I would have used throughout the production


I really like this shot. Firstly, it is very realistic. The decor is suitable for that of a cafe at Christmas, and the character of Miranda is wearing clothes which would be of the season. The composition of the shot is also good. Both characters take up an equal amount of space, and even though the camera is placed slightly behind Miranda, her expressions are still visible to the audience. Also, the distance the girls are sat at is quite realistic of that of two girls who are still friends, but aren’t really close. Their phones are visible on the table and ready for use should they need a distraction from an inevitable awkward situation.


One of the OTS shots in this scene

Many elements of the previous picture are repeated in this one. For example, even though there is a lack of decor, the audience is still reminded of the season based on Louise’s costume. The composition is also very suitable. For example, just enough of Ellen’s character is shown for the audience to be able to get the gist of her reactions, as well as making it clear that it is an over-the shoulder shot without Ellen’s head and shoulder being too intrusive. Christy’s expression as Louise is also the exact combination of emotions I had imagined, for example, distress, sadness, slight panic and so on.


One of the introductory Christmas card shots


This would have, and still might act as the introductory shot to the 2009 scene. I had originally planned for a counter with fewer objects on it, however, the more I look at it, the more I like these unintentional props., as they add to the realism of the shot. I also like the composition of this shot. There is a greater focus on the foreground than the background, even though the characters are clearly visible in the background. The unintentional props also block enough of the cafe so the audience cannot see that it is not really decorated for Christmas.


There was one main problem which caused many others. This was that there was an error with the SD card that I was filming with, in that it would not allow for much footage to be put on it. We had managed to take all of 2009 in around 9 shots. However, during the middle of the 2010 scene, the SD card refused to take any more footage. After deleting any unnecessary footage, reading the manual of the camera and accepting that I would not be able to obtain another SD card, I had to give up and accept defeat. Since then, all I have managed to do is hastily re-organise with the cafe to film for an hour on Monday between 4 and 5. However, I can see the following problems arising with this:

  • We will be very pushed for time, meaning mistakes will have to be limited, something which cannot obviously be always controlled
  • Subsequently, the footage I capture may looked rushed and amateur. Whilst I am obviously aware that I am an amateur, this is still not a desirable situation.

Next Steps

Unfortunately all I can do now is repeat the organisation process I did before filming today, and attempt to carry on as quickly as possible with filming on Monday.


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