Call Me Hallmark

Over the past few days I have been collecting all necessary props for inspection before filming. This mostly involves checking that they are appropriate, easy to use/decorate with and realistic. One large prop flaw that I found was the designs of the Christmas cards which introduce each scene. I think that it is already unrealistic enough for the cards to have the year printed on them in large lettering, but for them all to be largely the same design over five years is completely implausible. Hence, I have spent the last few days re-designing the Christmas cards to make them more realistic.


Personally I don’t have access to more professional programmes such as Photoshop or InDesign, meaning I had to use whatever means open to me for design. The original design were made using simply Microsoft Publuher, however, to make these designs, I had to branch out to programmes like Paint, or even Microsoft Powerpoint to make the designs. Despite my amatuer software, I think I’ve made some designs which look a little more realistic. I still intend for the cards to be produced by


The Christmas card for 2007

The Christmas card for 2008

The Christmas card for 2009

The Christmas card for 2010

The Christmas card for 2011

Next Steps

Seeing as these cards do not play a dominant role in my production and are not essential to the plot, I don’t really think that audience research is necessary. The cards are practical and appropriate, and other than looking realistic, these are the only qualitites they need, and I think they all suitably tick these boxes.


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