I’m starting to collect together most of the props needed before filming, and seeing as I’ve only done a minor post on props, I thought I’d make a prop update, a propdate if you will. Props will remain the same from the previous post are ther giftbags, as well as the Christmas decorations. Below is a list and pictures of the props which have subsequently been added.

Christmas decorations

The main type of prop I have been collecting are Christmas decorations. I’m going to need to make the location look decorated for Christmas five times over. This has invovled finding lots more tinsel as well as things to act as decorations, such as small Christmas trees and reindeers, all of which can be found in the below picture

More Christmas decorations

At home I also managed to find a mini fibre optic Christmas tree, which I think will make quite  a nice feature for the table that the girls sit on. For realistic purposes I may only include it in a couple of consecutive years. The fire optic tree can be found below.

The fibre optic Christmas tree


Last time I posted about props, I was struggling to think of a solution regarding the champgane bottle in the fourth scene. Last week I was lucky enough to find an empty champagne bottle. This means that I cannot show the top being popped, but at least I have a cheap, convincing prop. To overcome the problem, I may try to find a sound effect of a champgne bottle popping and play it over the shot of the Christmas card. The champgne itself can be replaced by sparkling water, all of which can be found below.

Champagne and sparkling water

Other Props

Once again, any other props I use will be owned by the cafe, and will mostly include crockery such as mugs and tumblers. As mentioned, I will take photos of these as soon as possible and post them.


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