The Making of the Animatic

I have created a short clip, which sums up the basic points of the production of the animatic. This mostly consists of the recording of the dialogue, as the aspect of the animatic I am most keen to get feedback on is whether the lines sound right or not when read aloud. I personally feel that the lines do not sound right and that they are too formal and/or cheesy. However, clearly I will have to conduct formal audience research to find out the opinion of my audience ultimately. Cue, the following video. I intend to conduct a focus group, show them the below video and ask them the following questions.



Questions for Audience

1. What are your opinions of the dialogue and lines themselves?

2. How do you think they sound when read aloud?

3. Do you think they would sound better if the tone in which they were read was slightly different?

Obviously these questions are all concerned with the scripting issues. Should they receive the script positively, there will be few changes. However, a negative reactions will result in re-drafting the script in terms of colloquialism and increased pace.

4. Do you think the incorporation of an underscore would improve the opening?

Whilst I am yet to consider sound effects, I think I should definitely incorporate an underscore, which should be ultimately decided by my audience.

Hopefully these questions should clear up the primary concerns I’ve been having with my production. I imagine that unless I recieve tremendously positive feedback about my script, I will do a thorough re-drafting, and I hope to take away some gopod guidance on how best to go about this.


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