Animatic Feedback #1

The first form of audience feedback I collected was within our media class itself. I only received feedback from one other member, who was luckily in my target audience of females aged 16-25, Marcie.

Positive Comments

A number of positive comments arose, incuding some I wasn’t expecting such as:

  • ‘Pace matches the the visuals and story-line well’
  • ‘Targets audience well’

These were issues that I was afraid I had not portrayed accurately, so it was good to hear that my audience responds to these positively

Negative Comments

Although there were many criticisms, I was expecting the majority of them, being clearly aware of the faults of my animatic. Most of these were confirmed:

  • ‘More close-ups and extreme close ups need to be used’.
  • ‘Increase editing pace’
  • ‘Make dialogue more audience specific’
  • ‘Include a blurring effect on the Christmas card shots’
  • ‘Incorporate titles into the production itself
  • ‘Include diegetic sound’

As mentioned, I was expecting the majority of these problems. Some that I weren’t expecting include the ones regarding cinematography and pace, however, I believe there is time to fix these before the actual filming of the production. The problems I am aware of myself are the ones associated with sound and titles. These are areas I am yet to research in detail and obviously intend to do soon.

Whilst I am keen to sum up my audience research findings, I would rather do this after all forms of audience research regarding the animatic are complete.


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