The next logical stage of my production to consider is the props that will be used. Largely the priops I intend to use will be owned by the cafe. For example, the chairs the table, mugs, saucers, and so on will be owned by them, and obviously I will have to take pictures at a more appropriate time.

However, there are some props I intend to provide for myself. The most important of these will be the Christmas cards, which introduce each year and scene. Below are my designs as they stand:

As I will struggle to find cards which not only say Happy Christmas 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 as well as ones which will say it clearly enough for it to show up on a camera, I figure that the simplest way to do this would be to upload designs to a website such as, so that I have a genuine set of cards to use.

A website like will be used to achieve the desired effect

The next most important prop I myself will bring to the production is the champagne bottle which helps introduce the year 2010. This prop is actually yet to be purchased, because I’m having a small debate with myself about it, in regard to price and the availability of alcohol-free champagne, given that myself and probably most of my actors will be under 18 and therefore it would be unprofessional for us to be seen ina public place popping champagne corks. Obviously I will post a picture of the exact champagne used when it becomes clear.

Champagne will be used in my production

Other props I intend to bring will mostly be used as part of the set, as obviously I am going to have to decorate my location appropriately for Christmas  five different times. I figure the easiest way to do this will be through the use of simple, sterotypical Christams decorations. This involves tinsel, lights, candles and various other knick knacks associated with Christmas. Luckily, similarly to most families who celebrate Christmas, my own has quite an accumulated collection of Christmas decorations which will be broken into.

A selection of Christmassy props

The final props I intend to bring to the filming will be a few giftbags. I think they will help make the scenes a little more plausible, implying to the audience that the girls are meeting to exchange gifts, not simply relfect on how their lives have downturned. I also think they may have a central-shot role when Miranda asks the other characters if they want a present at the end of the first scene.

The giftbags I will use

As mentioned, any other props that will be used will be owned by the cafe I will film in, and they will be photographed and posted as soon is appropriately possible.


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