The animatic is finally complete! However, it’s production was not without it’s faults. Firstly, Christy was not available on the day of recording, so has been replaced for this animatic by feelow media student, Diva Cullum. Secondly, this is actually the second draft of the animatic. It’s production meant working across three different programmes (one with the script, one with the audio and one with the visual) which obviously became a very confusing process, resulting in an animatic as successful as the Titanic. However, now that the disasters are over, the final product is complete:


Successes of the animatic

I believe my animatic has some decent strengths, including:

  • It is an accurate portrayal of the desired cinematography, actor expressions and movements.
  • It is a good representation of what my production will probably look like
  • Sound quality is largely clear
  • It has allowed me to pick up on any errors with scripting and tone

Weaknesses of the animatic

This has perhaps been the most useful aspect of the animatic, in that it has allowed me to pick up on s0ome faults that I intedn to rectify immediately.

  • The dialogue sounds incredibly cheesy (indeed, our laughter at the lines can be heard in the background occasionally)
  • It is too long, some lines have had to be cut, and there is no room for transitions, continuity editing or closing credits.
  • There is no underscore.

Clearly these are all problems that must be fixed before filming commences. The first two problems can be solved with rigorous re-drafting of the script. I intentioanlly left out an underscore, to see how weel the opening could survive without it. I personally feel that it dies a horrible death without an underscore, but I intend to leave this down to my audience.

Next Steps

My own opinions of the animatic are not enough to base any change on though. Clearly target audience rfesearch must be conducted and this time it must connect to their opinions moreso than a poll or a questionnaire. I think the only way this can be achieved is through filmed interviews. I intend to make a ‘making-of’ video of the animatic, and show this to my audience as well as the animatic itself, so they are aware of it’s most important stages of production. This willallow them scope to criticise and improve.




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