Power of Three

I can now officially confirm who my actresses will be for my production! After trawling the school, I have confirmed three girls who are keen to begin filming. I’ve tried my best to establish actresses with as much dramatic past experience as possible, as ultimately the focus of my production is the characters which technically is dependent upon the amount of acting skill I can recruit. Read on…

The actresses 

1. Lydia Morrell 

Lydia Morrell

Those of you with a keen eye on my media productions will recognise Lydia. She starred in my production last year of ‘Crackdown‘, in which she played a girl peer pressured to take drugs.

Age: 18 

Dramatic qualifications and experience:

  • GCSE in Drama, grade A.  
  • Lead roles in productions of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat and Aladdin
  • Grade 7 in Ballet, Tap and Modern dance
  • My A Level production of Crackdown
  • She also took Theatre Studies for a brief time at A Level, but changed due to a desire to focus on her educational career. Although technically my least qualified actress, I have seen her in action (dramatically, that is) and I have full confidence in her ability.

Character: Miranda. You may already be noticing some similarities between Lydia and Miranda. As mentioned, Miranda is a head-strong, career-focussed woman, similar to Lydia. Although this part is a change of pace from the character she played last year, I believe it is a change for the better and I believe that Lydia will be even more successful at this role than the one last year.

2. Christy Kemp

Christy Kemp

Age: 17

Dramatic qualifications and experience:

Christy has extensive qualifications and experience. Some of these include:

  • GCSE in Drama, grade A
  • AS Level in Theatre Studies, grade A
  • A member of Voice Squad
  • Starred as Éponine in ‘Les Miserables’
  • Grade 8 singer
  • Has performed at Disneyland and the Royal Albert Hall

Character: Louise. I figured that seeing as Louise has the most dramatic storyline and requirements, Christy would be the most appropriate actress.

3. Hayley Murrow

Hayley Murrow

Age: 17

Dramatic qualifications and experience:

  • GCSE in Drama, grade A
  • AS Level in Theatre Studies, grade B
  • Former member of the Theatre Royal Youth Group
  • Working towards a LAMDA award
  • Featured in productions such as ‘The Canterbury Tales’
  • Upcoming productions include ‘George In Time’

Character: Ellen.  The process of elimination leaves the character of Ellen.

Next Steps

Now that my actors are established, I can get down to the real nitty gritty of pre-production. I can taylor any last minute changes to their needs and personalities. The next logical step is to record dialogue for the animatic.


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