Preparing the Animatic

One of the most important stages of pre-production is the animatic. It allows both yourself and the audience to see what your production will look like in a physical form, as opposed to simply having to judge based on your writings about it. An animatic should include most aspects of the final product including cinematography, underscore, dialogue, shot length and actor expressions and movements. Below is an example of an animatic for a deleted scene from the Pixar film, The Incredibles. Whilst I tried to find a film with a similar genre to my own, more often than not, animatics are made for animation films.



My animatic

Obviously I cannot create an animatic as professional as the one above, due to my lack of resources and drawing talent. Nevertheless, I’ve been trying to incorporate all of the above features into my animatic. Indeed, as far as I can see, it will  most definitely include cinematography, dialogue, shot length and actor expressions and movements.

As mentioned before, I am having a tedious problem with my animatic, in that many of the shots are largely similar or simply repeated. To overcome this, I am creating a bank of stock shots, which are generic and could be applied to several parts of my production. I am drawing from these whenever necessary in order to make the animatic process more efficient. Belwo are some examples of shots from my bank of stock shots.


A wide shot of the table, featuring the protagonists with shocked faces


Louise looking disappointed


OTS shot of Louise and Miranda



Sound is an aspect of my production which so far I have largely unintentionally dismissed. This is because I believe that music and sound can have a huge impact on a production, and I would feel more comfortable if the music was chosen by my audience as opposed to simply something I think sounds right. Once my animatic is complete, my intention is to put it up for audience research, possibly in the form of a focus group, which would obviously be composed of my target audience. I intend to ask this group their thoughts on the music situation and work from there. Should they be unable to provide me with anything to work with, more target audience research will be necessary.


Next Steps

As of later today, I should able to release who my actresses are! The only feature of the animatic I have yet to produce would be the dialogue, which is why I intend to have a dialogue run-through with my actresses before posting the animatic. I also plan to video record this run-through, in order to get an opinion from my target audience (probably in the same focus group as mentioned above) about how the dialogue reads. Despite my re-drafts, I want ot be entirely sure that my audience is satisfied.


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