Poll Results

The results are in!

Audience Sample

After I posted the poll on my blog, I recommended 5 females aged 17-21 who I knew to read the extract of the script and vote appropriately. I was obviously hoping for more, and was reliant that word of mouth would spread. Luckily for me it did, and I recieved a total of 15 results. My only conern with this is that I don’t personally know the majority of people who voted, which although technically a good thing, means I don’t know who exactly voted, and they could possibly have not been in my target audience. However, the poll was clearly marked and it seems pretty nonsensical for someone not in the target audience to vote.


The results are as follows:

The results of the poll

Audience criticisms:

Luckily I personally knew the one respondent who voted negatively to the question. I recieved the following criticisms from her:

  • The tone of the last scene is quite odd – the characters act ironically quite out of character
  • The build up to the argument in the last scene is quite quick and implausible

Impact upon production

Clearly if my audience has a problem with the script then it must be re-drafted as such. However, seeing as the criticisms only concern the final scene, this is all that will be re-drafted. This will be done and re-posted as soon as possible.


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