I’ve decided to move onto the next part of my pre-production stage, the storyboard. Whilst in a lot of productions the storyboard is the first pre-production task to be complete, I thought it best to write my script first seeing a the majority of my production is dialogue, and then base my storyboard on the script instead of the vice versa. This has definitely proved to be the easier option, a storyboarding appears to be moving along a lot quicker thanks to it having a guide to work from (the script). As of yet, I am only working on the storyboard for the first scene. Nevertheless, I thought I’d share some of my work so far:

Opening Titles

Our AS Media Studies coursework required us to make the opening sequence of a film. This means that I am well-versed in the codes and conventions of opening titles. One of the main features we were required to make was a production card for the fictional production comapany which ‘produced’ our film. The specification for this year allows us to use the same as last year, something which I intend to do. Using the same production company will mean I can include a ‘From the makers of’ line on my film poster and creates general continuity. Below is my drawn version of the production card, along with the actual version from my coursework below that. My production company is Redtree Pictures, based a round a photo taken myself.

Redtree Pictures in my storyboard


Working on just the first scene, a problem has already surfaced. As you may have noticed from my script, ym production is essentially three people sitting and talking at a table for five minutes. This means that obviously a lot of the shots I draw are loooking increasingly the same.

Some of my shots are becoming increasingly repetitive...

... for example both of these shots are OTS of Miranda and Louise

In order to overcome this problem, I’ve decided to create a series of shots which I will repeat when it vcomes to my animatic. The amin three shots which are rpeeated are the OTS of Miranda and Louise, the OTS of Ellen and the Mid-Shot of the table. I intend to create a few drawings of each, varying facial expressions and who is speaking, and repeat them where necessary, perhaps using close ups and cropping in order to give the impression that they are different shots and to stop my animatic from becoming boring.

Due to my script acting as a base, my storyboarding should progress quite quickly, meanign my animatic should soon be ready to post.


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