The Before Sunrise Effect

Research and idea development still play a huge role throughout even the pre-production phase, as ideas can always be changed, even at last minute if necessary. My most recent bout of researching brought me across two films which I believe will influence me greatly. These are Before Sunrise and it’s sequel Before Sunset

Before Sunrise tells the story of two strangers who meet on a train whilst travelling across Europe. Deciding to spend the day together, the two soon develop a profound frienship which leads them to spend a wonderful evening together in Viennna. Before Sunset tells the stary of the two nine years later, when they meet up for what is only the second time, to decide if they truly belong together.

Before Sunrise... not just your average romcom

Unless that synopsis made it unclear, romance is a dominant genre within the film, whilst the themes of friendship, sociability and (taking both films into account) change over time play a key role. Obviously these themes are all important to my own production.

After watching the films, I discovered that director Linklater adds quite an interesting layer to the simple romantic plotline. It is quite a quirky idea, that two people can become almost soulmates within only hours of meeting is quite implausible, like my own idea. I love the way Linklater presents the narrative. It is almost dreamy, as if it never really happened like a fantasy. Whilst I think this works well for the Before duo, I’m not sure it would for mine, given that I want my characters to be as relatable as possible to my target audience.

Nevertheless, genre and direction are not the only things I intend to take away from Before. The way in which conversations are filmed is exactly the effect I was hoping for within my own film. There is a heavy use of over-the-shoulder shots, which also create a strong focus upon the characters. Some good examples of this can be found below in the Before Sunset trailer. If I could replicate the cinematographic effects in the Before series, then my desired effect will be achieved.

The cinematography of the Before series intrigues me greatly

This is the trailer for Before Sunset, which should show all the aspects discussed above:


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