I’ve decided it’s time to start pulling the pre-production together, and started with the one thing I believe the rest of my production can be based on; the script. As such, a lot of other important decisions have had to be made:

The Title

The title of my film is soemthing I have had decided in mind for a while now. Indeed, I believe it is so effective at putting across the message of my film that I may not put it up for audience research yet. The title will be The Season to be Jolly. Taken from the well-known Cristmas song Deck the Halls, the title is designed to be ironic and sarcastic. Although the general connotations of Christmas are happiness, togetherness, sharing  and of course jolliness, the title links back to my idea of focussing on the negative aspects of Christmas. The character’s are not experiencing jolliness at the happiest time of year, and indeed their yearly reflections are what eventually drives them apart, hence, the title is sarcastic.

Although I am yet to make final decisions on features such as titles, below is an example of the kind of font I would want my titles to be presented in. I think it’s serif design makes it quite Christmassy, however, it is also quite sophisticated and holds the theme:

Early title ideas

Continuity features

I couldn’t really think of a better way to describe these other than ‘continuity features’. Basically, I intended to have many hints and occurences throughout the years which would show the steady decline and breaking apart of the friendship. However, timing has proven to be a huge issue with my script. Given that my production is mostly reliant on dialogue, and as  far as I can see, it will mostly consist of three people sitting at a table for five minutes, the timing of the dialogue is absoluetly essential. This means I cannot over or underestimate the amount of time it will take my actors to say something. As such, many of the little clues I intended will have to be cut. For example:

The necklace idea

I had intended that in 2009, Miranda would give Louise the gift of a necklace. By the next year, Louise has become so consumed by her unrequited love, that when  she wears it to meet with miranda and Ellen, it breaks and she cannot remember where she got it from in the first place, obviously causing large insult to Miranda.

The broken necklace would also parallel the characters' relationship

The baby idea

When I first wrote my character profiles, I imagined that I would make Ellen feel very isolated by her teenage preganacy and motherhood, and Louise and Miranda would show a disregard for Ellen constantly bringing up her baby. Unfortunately, it appears as if there will be little time for this to occur.

The teenage mother plotline was supposed to cause more a rift between the protagonists

The jobs idea

Also when I was first writing the character profiles, I imagined the careers of Miranda and Louise to play a larger role. Obviously becoming successful careerwomen would separate them from Ellen, but I also imagined that the differences between their jobs would separate them also; that there would be a sense of cometiton between them. However, again unfortuantely because I have had to spend time focussing on character establishment and reflection of events, there seems to be little room for this.

The girl's careers were also supposed to be a running problem

I am currently in the process of writing a basic version of the script, which I will obviously post when complete.


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