Location, location, location

I’m pretty sure that I’ve managed to find a location for my film. Whilst ideally I would like my production to be set in a plausible, well-known cafe, such as Starbucks or Costa, I realised that this would not be practical to film in, let alone get permission to film in. This is why I decided to focus on smaller, more independent cafes to film in.

After consulting many local cafes, I decided that the location which would be most suitable to film in would be that of The Lounge, a cafe which focuses upon the ‘coffee-house’ format and appears to appeal most to adults. Given that is a simple cafe, the decor should be suitable for my film, and I was told there was no problem with the obvious Christmas decorations that would have to be put up. Below is the Google Maps photo of the outside of The Lounge.

The possible location of my production

I would have tried to get more photos of the location, but my filming there is conditional based on the cafes busy periods and providing the cafe will be in a suitable condition at the time, which is why I was asked to check these details around a week or two before filming and which is why I also thought it inappropriate to take photos at that time. Obviously if I am given the go-ahead to film there, I will update with photos of the exact location within the cafe where I think the majority of the filming would take place.


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