It’s All in the Timing…

I thought I would finally decide upon the timescale of my production, seeing as up to this point, I have mostly just said that certain things will happen around certain years. I’ve come up with a sort of ‘schedule’, which shows what each character will be doing in each year. I should be able to base my script around this.


The timings of each event in my film


The first year will simply an introduction to all the characters. My only aim for this year is for all characters to be well established, including attitudes and hopes for the future. This will set the equilibrium. Until the final year, each of the character’s main events will happen each year. This will allow me to show them drifting apart. Obviously the main event in the final year will be the argument. In the above table, where there are gaps, this will be where the corresponding character is reacting to the main event. Obviously the majority of this will be clearer once my script is written.


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