The Third and Final Character!

After conducting my audience resarch, I have made a final decision upon the final protagonist in my film. Read on…

Character Three: Miranda

The main idea for Miranda came from my target audience, who suggested that a good third character would be someone who was focussed on their career. Although originally this was a main trait for Louise, I figure I could split this character to make two: one who is focussed on her career and one who experiences unrequited love and covers it with her career. I also think that seeing as nothing devastating happens to Miranda, she can be the middle ground for both Lousie and Ellen, and a character who the audience can relate to well.

Main inspiration: I said I would find an already existing counterpart for my characters to be loosely based on, so I wouldn’t lose my way when coming up with their characterisation. Miranda would be based on the character Miranda Hobbes, from HBO’s Sex and the City. The main character traits I hope to emulate would be Miranda’s sarcastic attitude to life, her devotion to her career and her loyalty to her firends, although obviouslyt this would breakdown slowly throughout my film.

The third character would be based on Sex and the City's Miranda Hobbes

 Age: 17-21

Occupation: In Sex and the City, Miranda Hobbes is a successful lawyer. Whilst I would love to have this as the career of my Miranda, I think it would be highly implausible, given the short time space of five years and her age. Instead I thought my Miranda could have a career in public relations. This is obviously a field which requires a lot of devotion and hardwork but is also quite flexible, and for Miranda to have gotten a small job in public relations and worked her way up a little in five years is more believable than the lawyer idea. So as to avoid complications, very little would be revealed about how Miranda fell into public relations, and hopefully by around the third Chritmas, the audience will accept it as the status quo. However, in my own mind, again I imagine Miranda to have gotten her original job through friends and family connections, but this will never be outwardly revealed.

Main trait or event which causes her to split from the other characters: Miranda’s career would be the main event which causes her to split away from the others. I imagine her to gain a well-respected promotion within possibly the third or fourth year. However, by this point, Ellen would have had her baby, and Louise would be struggling with her issues, so their interests will be divulging and Miranda will perhaps feel annoyed that her ‘best friends’ cannot be happy for her, or at least cannot express it fully. Given her fiery attitude, I imagine the final argument would mostly be between her and Louise, who also has a fiery side.

Apparent characterisation issue so far: I think there are still a few minor errors with Miranda. For example,even though I said I would try to make her job and vague and simple as possible, her age still makes it seem quite implausible. I also worry that my film will not really focus upon Miranda until around the third Christmas when she receives her promotion. Furthermore, the evnt which causes her to split away is not exactly disastrous or scandalous. I think that both of these things will make her quite a boring character, and I’m really aiming for quite an even focus on all three characters. I think these problems are quite easy to fix, or at least disguise, however. For example, in the first few Christmases, Miranda could have more dialogue than the other characters so she is not forgotten, and her true character can be revealed at the end, during the argument. As for her career, how she got into it shall not be specified, but this does not mean that she cannot talk about it in the present tense, and shouldn’t stop me from presenting her to the audience as a devoted careerwoman.

The following is a video showing an argument between Miranda Hobbes and fellow Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw. I think it shows the attitude of Miranda Hobbes quite well, as well as acting as inspiration for the final argument in my video:


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