My Intial Ideas

So far, my ideas are very vague, but I really feel as though I can build upon them. As mentioned, my idea is largely influended by the ‘Bad Girl’ video. The following is a brief list of the aspects of my idea I am sure of.

The narrative begins with traditional, cheesy, cliche boy-meets-girl. The protagonist would be the female.  She would ideally be in her late teens to early twenties (preferably the latter). Similar to Louise, little would be revealed about her backstory, so as not to make the rest of the narrative either too cliche or implausible. However, it would be clear that she is looking for some fulfilment in her life. Cue the male. He would preferably be either the same age or older than the female. As their relationship grows, we see the female’s attachment to him become more obseesive, and his abuse of her become greater. Whe I say abuse, I don’t mean he is beating her, I mean more psychological abuse. He should be able to pull off the impression of a gangster. Note at this point I would want to try and keep the sophistication of the ‘Bad Girl’ video. This ganster would not be a modern gangster, but should be able to pull off that of a 1930s one (‘Bad Girl’ could very possibly be set in the 1930/40s). I have not yet decided what exactly this psychological abuse will entail – this will  require more reserach. The video would have a dramatic end, in which the female, after abuse and possibly being stolen from by her boyfriend resorts to prostitution to earn money. However, she is unaware that her first client is her abusive boyfriend,  and vice versa. In a dramatic ending, the boyfriend pulls up at the meeting location, discovers what he assumes the female has been doing for a long time, and possibly kills her. I have also not decided if the audience will view this murder. Similarly to ‘Bad Girl’ I intend to mix up the narrative order slightly. The dramatic scene in which the boyfirend discovers his girlfriend is a prostitute will come first, however the narrative will return to normal order just as the two realise who the other is. This way, I am setting up the relationship as doomed, and the audience will have to discover how this occured. Plus, they will have to wait even longer to discover the outcome of their altercation. Also note that I don’t intend for my chosen song to be playing over this song, nor will there be any dialogue. Actor expressions and sound effects should be enough to express the tension and ominous-ness of the scene. Once the narrative begins, so too will the music.

The biggest problem I can see with my ideas so far is the lack of ideas for psychological abuse and the lack of location possiblities. However, I beleieve these problems can be solved with careful research.

Now only one aspect remains; the music to which my narrative will be set. After much deliberation, I have chosen ‘Monster’ by Lady Gaga. This is because of two main reasons reasons:

  1. The lyrics of ‘Monster’ talk of a boy who emotionally destroys boys by dating them or sleeping with them. Obviously this is highly relevant to the ideas I have explained above.
  2. Lady Gaga is constantly compared to Madonna. Indeed, Madonna herself has pointed out the similarities in their careers, and it is widely considered that Gaga’s biggest single to date, ‘Born This Way’ is a musical reinvention of Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’. This soing would in-keep with the theme of powerful, iconic female singers, and the impact they can have on their videos. For example, Gaga tends to include avant garde narratives in her videos.

The following is an audio clip of Lady Gaga’s ‘Monster’. Note the lyrical relevance.


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